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refractory gold treatment

a survey of conventional and novel processes for the

the recovery of gold from non-cyanidable deposits. a definition for refractory gold is developed and the factors that contribute to refractoriness are described. the background literature search surveys what is known about the causes of gold retention by ores and reports the state-of-the-art of refractory gold

refractory gold treatment xps

refractory gold treatment while the recovery of free milling gold by gravity and direct cyanidation is straightforward and well-established, refractory ores pose a very different challenge to producers. the first challenge is determining the reason for the poor recovery by direct cyanidation, which can be caused by one or more contributors

double refractory gold ores

refractory gold ore pretreatment treatment of refractory gold ore (whole ore and flotation concentrates) has become more prominent since the 1980s, with many gold discoveries often including ores that are wholly or partially refractory. >>chat online;

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refractory gold ore treatment methods where gold is associated with arsenic, antimony, tellurium, and certain other minerals, it is often only partly soluble in cyanide solution. the difficulty is usually more of a physical than a stone one but special methods of treatment may be required.

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demonstration of economic treatment options allows gold companies to maintain and increase their ore reserves. refractory gold ores are those that do not yield high gold recoveries in conventional cyanide-leaching circuits, even when the ore is finely ground. the cause of low gold recoveries can be either

carbon-in-chlorine treatment of refractory gold ores

the u.s. department of interior, bureau of mines, is investigating the treatment of refractory gold ores. chlorination in the treatment of refractory gold ores is applicable in many low-grade gold operations. when usable, this treatment provides an economic means of consuming sulfides and deactivating disseminated organic carbon. chlorination, however, is a pretreatment technique that requires...

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process for treating refractory gold ores by roasting

process for treating refractory gold ores by roasting under oxidizing conditions article in minerals and metallurgical processing 17(1):1-6 183; february 2000 with 908 reads how we measure 'reads'

(pdf) cyanidation of refractory gold ores: a review

the depletion of readily amenable gold ores and discovery of complex deposits inspire knowledge improvement and search of commercially effective technique in extracting gold from refractory gold

treatment of refractory gold ores springerlink

abstract. problem ores that yield low (say less than 80%) gold recovery by cyanidation when “normally ground” are defined as refractory.the term, as well as the technical methods used to

developments in the pretreatment of refractory gold

submicroscopic gold inclusions within sulphide minerals such as arsenopyrite and pyrite. such ores require a pre-treatment process to alter or destroy the sulphide matrix and render the gold accessible to cyanide and oxygen (gudyanga et al., 1999). the gold in high-sulphur and high-arsenic refractory gold concentrate (hgc) is encapsulated

treatment of carbonaceous refractory gold ores

in addition the stone describes the various pre-cyanidation treatment methods for carbonaceous refractory gold ores namely, (1) flotation and depression, (2) blanking, (3) the use of activated carbon or resin in leach, (4) roasting, (5) stone oxidation and (6) bioleaching.

refractory gold ore treatment methods

metallurgical contentgold leaching & processing of arsenic oremispickel (arsenopyrite: feass).6leaching and recovering gold from antimony mineralsstibnite (antimony sulphide, sb2s2)telluride gold ore processingsolubility of telluridesgold extraction from carbonaceous orelist gold refractory process methods where gold is associated with arsenic, antimony, tellurium, and

pretreatment process on refractory gold ores with as

gold ores are considered refractory if gold extractions from a conventional cyanidation process are less than 80% even after fine grinding. 1) arsenic-bearing refractory gold ore has stones extremely difficult to deal with. in the stones, gold is locked up in arsenic mineral matrix as the form of microscopic or submicroscopic lattice.

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muscat: strategic and precious metals processing (spmp), which is building an antimony plant in sohar, has plans to set up a large refractory gold sulphide treatment plant, with a capital expenditure of $350 million as part of its second phase expansion.

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the early and routine use of process mineralogy in optimizing refractory gold ore technology is a cost-efficient tool to insure high recoveries and improved equipment performance. mineralogical studies can determine typical and unusual refractory gold ore process parameters prior to costly and time-consuming test work.

hydrometallurgy of gold: new perspectives and treatment

hydrometallurgy of gold: new perspectives and treatment of refractory sulphide ores in the last two decades a considerable number of new hydrometallurgical processes have been developed and implemented in gold industry allowing the economical treatment of increasingly complex and lower grade ores as well as refractory ores. as a result, all

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a "refractory" gold ore is an ore that has ultra fine gold particles disseminated throughout its gold occluded minerals. these ores are naturally resistant to recovery by standard cyanidation and carbon adsorption processes. these refractory ores require pre-treatment in order for cyanidation to be effective in recovery of the gold. a refractory ore generally contains sulfide minerals, organic

nigel briggs david lunt and an itchie

refractory gold ores factors affecting process selection nigel briggs, david lunt and ian ritchie introduction the treatment of refractory gold ores, in particular the competing technologies and their relative advantages and economics, has become a major issue for the industry and a topic of interest at conferences.

novel processes for the treatment of sulphidic refractory

this stone presents initial findings of a project examining novel processes for the treatment of refractory sulphidic gold concentrates. non-oxidative roasting of such concentrates for 12 hours at 750176;c resulted in the finely disseminated gold agglomerating to form discrete grains. the pyrite and arsenopyrite decomposed to form pyrrhotite, whilst the labile sulphur and arsenic driven...

drug treatment of refractory schizophrenia remains a

home 187; posts 187; mental health 187; schizophrenia 187; drug treatment of refractory schizophrenia remains a major challenge, but clozapine continues to be gold standard. drug treatment of refractory schizophrenia remains a major challenge, but clozapine continues to be gold standard

refractory gold treatment in china

table of contentsproject negotiationsrefractory process selectioncapital costsoperating costs the mining and processing of all gold in china is directed by the china national gold corporation (cngc). this organization is headquartered in beijing and has a director in each province responsible for exploration, mining and processing in his province.

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pox-2 is designed for processing double refractory concentrates, which contain micron gold particles encapsulated in sulphides (pyrites and arsenic pyrites) together with high concentrations of organic carbon. “high carbon content drives high sorption activity (preg-robbing) and dictates the use of high-temperature (240˚с) pressure

gold-pm conference alta metallurgical services

of low grade refractory ores, the estimated capital and operating costs mean that very careful project evaluation will be necessary, particularly at current gold prices. this stone will review some of the existing technologies and operations that are being used for the treatment of refractory gold

gold recovery: effect of ozonation on refractory gold ores

coat gold particle and consume cyanide forming scn-. in this study we investigated the introduction of ozonation as an alternative, to the existing pre-treatment method for refractory ores, to increase gold recoveries. experimental 5 tons of ore was weighed and milled to 80% -75 181;m passing. the sample was then blended and split into 10 kg bags

refractory gold technology

application of pressure oxidation for refractory gold ore treatment, at the mclaughlin gold complex in california, commissioned in 1985. refractory gold technology sherritt’s refractory gold technology is used to recover gold from refractory sulphide feedstocks. many gold ores and concentrates contain fine grained gold locked within sulphide

review pretreatment process on refractory gold ores with as

of refractory gold. statistics show that, in the world, about 2/3 gold resource belongs to the difficult processing ores, and about 1/3 total output of world gold is produced from refractory gold. this proportion will further increase in future. therefore, pre-treatment of arsenic-bearing refractory gold has an extreme-ly important significance.

refractory gold mining sgs

first, the gold recovery to the concentrate should be sufficiently high that the tailings can be discarded without further treatment, and the mass ratio of concentrate to tailings should be low. sgs has extensive experience with environmentally sustainable refractory gold extraction. our experienced team of metallurgical professionals has

treatment of carbonaceous refractory gold ores

minerals engineering, vol. 4, nos 7-11, pp. 1043-1055, 1991 0892-6875/91 $3.00 + 000 printed in great britain 1991 pergamon press plc treatment of carbonaceous refractory gold ores p.m. afenya dept. of mining engineering, universityoftechnology, lae, papua new guinea abstract gold ores can be categorized into two types free milling and refractory.

recovery refractory resources

refractory gold ore needs pre-treatment for cyanidation to be effective in gold recovery. ailbhe goodbody looks at the advantages and disadvantages of the most common pre-treatment options, and speaks to some companies that offer or use the processes a refractory gold ore is gold-containing ore that is resistant to recovery by direct cyanidation and carbon adsorption processes. more

improvement of gold leaching from a refractory gold

a total gold extraction of 70.2% could only be reached via direct cyanidation from a refractory as-, s- and c-bearing gold concentrate calcine, and the gold extraction varied noticeably with different size fractions. the reasons for unsatisfactory gold extraction from the calcine were studied through analyses of stone composition, stone phase and sem-eds of different sizes of particles.

new chloride leaching process for gold extraction from

from certain gold ores, known as refractory gold ores, the gold cannot be fully recovered by direct cyanide leaching. a major cause of this is the occurrence of much of the gold in such ores in highly disseminated form in sulfide, arsenide and sometimes antimonide minerals. three methods have been developed for treatment of such

sleeping gold flsmidth

gold deposits are becoming increasingly complex to treat and grades continue to deteriorate in known reserves. today, approximately 15-20 per cent of the world’s current gold production involves refractory ores that must be pre-treated prior to downstream recovery by cyanidation.

the leachox™ refractory gold process the testing, design

treatment of traditionally difficult to process refractory gold ores. he process offers a low t capital and operating cost route, but with similar high gold recoveries to bio -oxidation. introduction . the problem of refractory ores . refractory gold ores are generally defined as those ores that do not give economical recoveries

treatment of refractory gold ores xps

treatment of refractory gold ores extractive metallurgy once the cause has been identified, there are a number of alternatives for treating the ore. firstly, the gold can be made more amenable to cyanidation by ultra-fine milling, followed by a hot atmospheric leach –the albion process. a second solution is complete pressure oxidation (pox

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among free-milling gold ores placer gold is a special case, as there is no pre-treatment required for gold extraction. gold can be extracted from placer ores using physical separation techniques, particularly through gravity treatment. in modern practice, concentrators use centrifugal force in order to liberate finer gold particles.

ultra fine grinding a practical alternative to oxidative

ultra fine grinding a practical alternative to oxidative treatment of refractory gold ores s. ellis kalgoorlie consolidated gold mines kalgoorlie, wa. abstract since early 2001, kalgoorlie consolidated gold mines (kcgm) has successfully operated an ultra fine grinding (ufg) circuit to supplement its roaster capacity for the

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