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grinding gold crushing

new best map for level grinding - fire emblem warriors

for those looking to grind to level 150, it looks like there truly is a new map for it. people suggested level 118 villager rescue (space-time rift on emmeryn map) due to it having the experience check restriction, but it also had a velezark being at the end, so i was wary of it at first.

getting the crissaegrim to drop - castlevania: symphony

for castlevania: symphony of the night on the playstation, a gamefaqs message board topic titled "getting the crissaegrim to drop".

things you aren39;t looking forward to in classic - world of

agreed. it just astounds me that 14 years later we have guilds crushing bwl in under 20 minutes but forum trolls like this will still argue that classes won’t work. you39;re now arguing against thundermouth posted you’re operating as if the video presented is going to be the majority representation of the classic player base.

gold crushing hammer mill - youtube

turning ore into powder to unlock the gold!!!! here is a short video of my home made hammer mill in action. i39;m feeding it a lil slow due to the ore being a lil wet from all the crazy rain.

help with a perfect albus save - castlevania: order of

back when i was grinding gold on tymeo mountains sometimes out of boredom i was kicking the winged guards and i discovered value of damage. unequipped shanoa had 3 values of damage: 41 with slide kick, 92 with air kick and 84 with that attack.

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